THANK YOU!!!!! We raised over $52,000 for Narcotics Anonymous World Services! The Journey Continues…

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The Journey Continues 2020 – The purpose of this event is to celebrate our recovery and bring us together to raise funds for Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS).

In July, the Washington Northern Idaho Region (WNIR) passed a motion to host an electronic Recovery Event Fundraiser. The goal is to raise funds for NAWS. The combined intent is to celebrate a life worth living, to keep what we have by giving it away, and to recognize Our Vision.  Members are encouraged to set up recurring contributions to support NAWS in this time of need. Literature sales and member contributions are at an all-time low, and are simply not enough to sustain the fellowship development and support efforts that are included in Our Vision. 


The event will be a collection of members’ experiences with recovery from around the world. Members from the World Board, past and present, have been invited to share their experience, strength, and hope for a few minutes to strengthen our unity. A pre-recorded comedy show by a professional comedian will be made available to support our fundraising efforts. This event will also host video presentations from Fellowship Development and NAWS describing the financial effects the pandemic has had on our Fellowship. 

We invite you to join in for 72-hours of non-stop celebration, connection and gratitude for NA.

Due to this event being live-streamed at, anonymity cannot be guaranteed. If you are attending via Zoom, some of the following actions may assist to protect anonymity: rename before entering the room, remove the last name, change the first name, turn off the video, and/or use a non-identifiable photo. Alternatively, anyone may watch the live stream on the website.

The Journey Continues and NA have no affiliation with any platforms we are utilizing for this event.  There is no implied endorsement of the organization.

“Self-support ensures that our message stays clear and true, that we remain uncompromised and unaffiliated.”  Contributions are accepted from NA members only.

Click here to contact the committee.